Inception directed by Christopher Nolan

Last week, I went to the theater to see Inception at midnight showing.  Almost three weeks had passed since Inception released in Tokyo, Japan. Nevertheless, many people sat in the theater even late at night.

Inception is a story of layers of dreams.  People dream in a shared dream and dream again into a shared dream of a deeper layer and again...

Inceptions shows some rules of dream world. For example, man who dies in a dream wakes up at the upper layer.  For example, time passes faster than the real world.   And there were many significant words.  Despite many hints, Inception deluded me.  Because, the movie seems to explain well but it's not so kind.  I want to see it again!  The impression of the movie still lingers.

I saw The Dark Knight, too.  The Dark Knight provided a inextricable question as a last one from Joker.  It's so-called "prisoner's dilemma".  (I didn't know prisoner's dilemma is a well-known subject of game theory until I read Prisoner's Dilemma written by Richard Powers.)  Eventually Christopher Nolan must like elaborate puzzles.

I thought about Inception at the night until I fell asleep "What does the scene mean?  What does the words mean?  That is to say, ....zzz."  When I slept thinking about Inception, I dreamed about sleeping on a light-blue box!  If I will practice hard,  I can dream about dreaming in a dream?

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